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Universal Commission of Science and Technology

Being established to provide the public and the ruling bodies with high level advice on relevant issues through analysis and appropriate policy recommendations or options, the Universal Commission of Science and Technology will be working in order to guide the future work of mankind, develop common policies, and agree on appropriate actions.

The commission is planned to be an association consisting of independent experts of sciences and technology, economist, representatives for both energy companies and space colony populaces from all over the universe and was created in order to reflect the ethical and legal issues of research in life sciences while also encouraging the exchange of ideas and information.

As the advancement of civilization had been proceeding, energy requirement became unaffordable which led the experts to consider using black hole power plants as the new source of energy due its great potential but besides its threats. Therefore participants are expected to debate upon some sensitive topics of developing black hole power plant technology such as the comprehension of its results and the reproductive human life in all its points, embracing the status of colonies and the world, and updating the policies about the energy engineering.

The commission has responsibilities such as listed but not limited to; addressing legal questions and working on negotiations regarding specific issues which may alter the universal law. Furthermore, the commission is expected to have a crucial role in the dissemination of the principles in the field of science and technology while also discussing upon recently emerged issues to produce various recommendations.

Agenda Item: Deliberation of the universal energy inadequacy

USG: Muhammed Yusuf Aker – Zeynep Sümeyye Gümüş

Academic Assistants: Muhammed Fatih Eraslan

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