Joint Crisis Committee

Joint Crisis Committee is the most dinamic and respected committee of MUN organizations. In JCC’s, two or more sides discuss and take decisions upon an issue or event. Doings of one committee affects the other(s) and all sides try to take the upper hand via better policy making and strategies against the policies and strategies of other(s). Agendas of JCC’s mostly concern the past seeking to see how the history would unfold in the absence or in the alteration of certain events.

In our JCC committee the fragmentation period of USSR will be discussed. Our committee has been designed like counter-committees and joint crises so this will propose take history from the top. Delegates will stand for several personalities in our committee as they follow the process via diplomatic ways during fragmentation era of USSR. Delegates will submit proposals in order to finalize the process peacefully with the result of diplomatic war or active war. Delegates are fully independent to act in accordance with diplomatic rules and procedures.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

USG: Asude Karadeniz – Muhammed İkbal Baş

Academic Assistants: Dilara Koç – Enes Şaban Tanrıkulu – Furkan Sarı

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