Dear participants,

Our accommodation place will be DSI Dragos Social Facilities, Located in Kartal/Istanbul.

Our accommodation prices without food are as follows;
Single room (room for a person): 52 Turkish Liras
Double room (room for 2 people): 35 Turkish Liras
Triple room (room for 3 people): 29 Turkish Liras

As the KAIHLMUN’19 Public Relations Team, we want to specify that the accommodation fees should be payed apart from the conference payment.

Payments for accommodation will be paid directly to the DSİ Dragos Social Facilities Administration by delegates or delegation. Discount for accommodation will be stated by our school, and payments should be made considering this discount to the DSİ Dragos Social Facilities Administration.

For the details about accommodation, such as fees, please contact our PR team via [email protected]