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Most esteemed participants, dear guests, honorable advisors and all hearing this message,

It is my utmost pleasure and a spectacular honor to serve and host you as the Secretary General of the forth annual session of KAIHLMUN. It is elating for myself and my team to take part in an organization which gathers the thinking minds of youngsters and students to engage them in heated debates upon the alarming global issues of past and present to then formulate plans and adobt solutions for the future of humanity and its environment so that may no other suffer from what we have so far. Furthermore it is even a greater satisfaction to know that our efforts contribute to the education and world perspective of our generation by creating an environment of intelectual and academic knowledge sharing, thinking and cooperation so that they can work for the good of the world.

We are fully aware of the inequality in wealth and life opportunities between different countries. This difference is sometimes small, caused by a variation of geographical capacities but in other cases the gap is too large that it cannot be tracked by the usage of one discipline. By choosing “Civilization History: Rise and Fall” as our theme, we aim to trace back the causes of these differences by analizing the past, present and even the projected future. With that, we wish to surface the secrets behind the rising and falling of nations, empires, civilizations and man-made organized living facilities from the depths of history and sociology to better understand the actors behind the curtains and redefine the history of civilization.

The trilingual conference will be held in 28 February-3 March 2019 in Kartal Anadolu İmam Hatip High School in Kartal, hosting many minds from different backgrounds and nations, prolonging and strengthening the already-vivid environment of discussion achieved in the past three sessions.

In the conference, UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization will discuss upon the protection of the disapperaing cultural heritage, cultures and languages as our main sources of knowledge of the past. UN General Assembly will enhance cyber security and debate upon the ethics of human genome sequencing since both can prove to be a downfall or rise of humanity. Moreover, Universal Commission on Science and Technology will analyse the idea of using black holes as a power source in a projected future in another millennia. Negotiations for the Treaty of Paris of 1951 will mark the groundwork of the European Coal and Steel Community, elavating Europe from the ruins and wasteland of WWII to the ahead-of-time, industrialized, multinational economic continent we now know. UN Security Council will be negotiating precautions against the economic struggles of the two giants; United States and China. The Joint Crisis Committee will evaluate the fall of communism which arose from the dissolution of Soviet Union. Furthermore, the League of Arab States (Arabic) will be focusing on one of the most essential properties of information delivering, freedom of press, and the isolation of Qatar from the Arabian world which can devastate the nation. Lastly, “Meclis-i Vükela” (Turkish) will act accordingly to the past events in an open agenda to reshape the course of history under the reign of Abdulhamit II. With those committees the conference aims to have its delegates research for the past and think for the future, understand how slight is the distinction between the rise and fall of a civilization to apprehend the parameters which decide the future so they can better plan and prepare for it.

I, alongside my academic and organization teams, am looking forward to serve you in KAIHLMUN’19. We hope you can grasp the academic knowledge and ability we are offering as well as having fun throughout the conference. See you all at 28 th in Kartal.


Mehmet Fatih Izgi

Secretery General of KAIHLMUN’19

History of Civilization:

“Rise and Fall”